Alice and Mirabel are the two coaches belonging to Duck. They were rescued by the Fat Controller from scrap and brought them to work with the Great Western engine on Duck's Branch Line.


Alice and Mirabel are painted in the Great Western's chocolate and cream livery like Isabel and Dulcie.

The Railway SeriesEdit

Alice and Mirabel were rescued by Sir Topham Hatt from scrap and brought them to work with Duck on his restored branch line. Their voices are read out saying that Bulgy the red double-decker bus in the 1969 book, Oliver the Western Engine that he's "a nasty old thief" and has stolen both Duck and Oliver's passengers for the coaches to take. This is because Bulgy was a railway bus as shown on his side, but the passengers demanded his driver to have their money back when he crashed into a bridge causing traffic delays and a serious accident which the bridge didn't fall down on him throughout all of the commotion.