Arlesburgh is a seaside town based on both sides of the Arle Estuary. The town is a popular tourist attraction on Sodor because of the Arlesdale Railway that was built in the early 1960s and finished in 1967. Arlesburgh West is the top station on Duck's Branch Line and is the terminus for the Arlesdale Railway and once served for the Mid Sodor Railway in the early 20th Century which did operate a steamer service to the Isle of Man at Douglas before it was abandoned by the downfall of passenger traffic and the railway in 1947.

With the Arlesdale Railway completed in 1967, Sir Topham Hatt now has to transport ballast by some of his mixed-traffic engines from old mines at Arlesdale. The other station, Arlesburgh Bridge Street is the only one used by the Arlesdale Railway. The Arlesburgh Engine Sheds, the Fat Controller built were home to Duck, Oliver and occasionally Donald and Douglas. The main station is where Oliver smashed S.C. Ruffey who was leader of the Troublesome Trucks by pulling him to his fate. The Fat Controller told Oliver that it was unserviceable, rusted in its frames and rotten timber were all part of S.C. Ruffey's fatal crunch.