• Number: D3, formerly D7101
  • Designer: Beyer Peacock Ltd.
  • Builder: Beyer Peacock Ltd.
  • Configuration: Bo-Bo
  • Arrived on Sodor: 1967

Bear, originally known as D7101, is a diesel engine currently working on the North Western Railway.


In Enterprising Engines, Bear, numbered D7101 and painted blue, first arrived on the Island of Sodor on a trial for the Fat Controller. He was accompanied by another diesel engine, D199. D199 wanted to take over the railway, but Bear, who was more respectful to the steam engines, lambasted the idea.

Later in the same story, Bear suffered from a failed ejector while pulling "The Limited" and had to be rescued by Henry, who had also failed.


Railway SeriesEdit

  • Enterprising Engines
  • James and the Diesel Engines (does not speak)
  • Gordon the High-Speed Engine (mentioned)
  • Henry and the Express (mentioned)