The Bluebell Railway is a heritage line at Sheffield Park, Sussex in England along the border between Western Sussex and Eastern Sussex. It runs for at least nine miles along that border. Stepney was the first engine to be rescued by the Bluebell Railway from scrap and dieselisation across the United Kingdom. It has the largest collection of steam locomotives in the United Kingdom after the National Railway Museum in York that appeared in Thomas and the Great Railway Show published in 1991. The Bluebell Railway was first opened on August 7, 1960 and will celebrate its fifty-third anniversary of its opening in Sussex.

The Railway SeriesEdit

Stepney came to Sodor as a visitor and attention surrounded him across the Island of Sodor. He first arrived in Stepney the "Bluebell" Engine as the main character and also, a visitor to Sodor representing the Bluebell Railway of England. Stepney was applauded by cheers from Sodor's population and whistles from both Percy and Douglas. This happened in "Bluebells of England". In "Stepney's Special", he talked to Edward about the respect between the Bluebell and North Western Railways in England and on the Island of Sodor. He later helped Duck at Tidmouth and took a special train causing an emergency for Thomas with his two coaches, Annie and Clarabel. Thomas eventually agreed with the situation from last night's event by the signalman.

In "Train Stops Play", Stepney takes some empty trucks and waited at a cricket field in Elsbridge. The ball went into the train and chuffed away. Four cricketers got into Caroline and started a chase. Stepney was sorry for not hearing the cricketers' shouts to stop, but setted up a special train involving a brakevan and wellwagon with Caroline on it. Stepney's visit almost ended there by taking a special train to Crovans Gate where Gordon takes over from there. Then, Stepney gets to go back to the Bluebell Railway and work over there for the time being but reunited with the engines he mentioned to Edward in "Stepney's Special".