C. Reginald Dalby (hated the name "Clarence") was an artist who did the early works of The Railway Series. He was born in 1904 and studied at Leicester College of Art after winning a scholarship. During the Second World War, Dalby worked as an intelligence officer for MI9 devising methods of "Escape and Evasion" for crews baling out behind enemy lines. He re-established himself as an artist after he was offered a job at an intelligence post in India with Lord Louis Mountbatten, but declined the offer.

Edmund Ward found Dalby in the Leicester Royal Hotel and did sketches from James the Red Engine due to be published in 1948. Dalby did and all the way up to Percy the Small Engine in 1956. He did eleven Railway Series books.

He sometimes argued with Awdry over illustrations and how the character is portrayed, like for e.g Gordon. When an offensive quote known as "A green catepillar with red stripes" came out of Wilbert Awdry's mouth to describe Percy, Dalby was outraged by this and took offence against Awdry's offensive language before resigning from The Railway Series. Awdry was stunned by his own words, tried to apologise to Dalby (to no avail) and asked John T. Kenney to do the next illustrations of The Eight Famous Engines due to come out for publishing in 1957. Dalby did "Tales of Flitterwick Harbour" until his death in 1983 from a short illness at just 79 years old.

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