Crovan's Gate is a town near a narrow gap in the hills that is the only practicable route into the centre of Sodor from the east. The Skarloey Railway's terminus is here where it joins a connection to the North Western Railway. Most steam equipment from across the island go to the works, established in 1915 (the year Thomas arrived on Sodor), to be repaired. The town was named after Godred Crovan who saved Sodor from a Viking invasion.

The Railway SeriesEdit

Crovan's Gate has its works situated there and is opposite the Skarloey Railway. It appears in Thomas Comes to Breakfast made by Wilbert Awdry and illustrated by Clive Spong. In the Four Little Engines book, Edward was going there to have his worn out parts repaired as said by Sir Topham Hatt which was near the Skarloey Railway Engine Sheds. In Troublesome Engines, the Fat Controller came to a workshop which was held at Crovan's Gate during James, Henry and Gordon's industrial action had failed and were confined to Tidmouth Sheds. From that workshop, the Fat Controller brought Percy and took him to work with both Edward and Thomas.