The Dean Forest Railway is the railway in Gloucestershire where Wilbert Awdry who moved to Stroud after retiring full-time ministry in 1965 to publish Very Old Engines, was once the president of the railway line. This is where Wilbert works and the Hunslet WD 0-6-0ST is named after the author who created the Railway Series.

The Railway SeriesEdit

In Wilbert the Forest Engine, Donald and Douglas were exhausted and overworked for too long. Sir Topham Hatt has decided to go to the mainland to do something important and went onboard Gordon's express at the station. On the Dean Forest Railway, he met Wilbert who promised to help. The Fat Controller went back on Gordon to the end of Sodor on his express. When Percy had an accident with some sacks of oatmeal and was covered in the resulting glop, Wilbert was diverted and went onto Thomas' Branch Line to help with the work both the lead mines and the dairy. Wilbert afterwards returned to the railway at the end of "Wired-Up" as of being on Duck's Branch Line for his last day on Sodor.