Edwin Boston was the former Rector of the Parish of Cadeby in Leicestershire. He was a good friend of the Reverend Wilbert Awdry and in the Railway Series was known as The Fat Clergyman. He was born in 1924 and died on April the 1st 1986 at the age of sixty-two. Awdry was affected by this and called him a "good friend and a lovable reverend". Edwin Boston's death came about just twenty-five days before an explosion at Chernobyl in the Ukraine affected the Soviet Union's nuclear control as a superpower. The cause was an overflowment of nuclear waste overriding the plant's reactor before the explosion was heard.

The Railway SeriesEdit

Reverend Teddy Boston said to Awdry that he should take a ride on one of the tramways in England that was just about to be closed down. He did plan this with Wilbert Awdry and rode on a J70 0-6-0 for the last time. Awdry liked the idea and made Toby the Tram Engine using Sir Topham Hatt and his family to ride on him. Reverends Boston and Awdry first appeared as the men in Small Railway Engines where they followed Bert around and around with taking pictures. splashed Bert in the face with dirty water and he plotted a "steam storm" on Reverend Boston. Bert was in disgrace by Mr. Fergus Duncan, the Small Controller at the terminus of the Arlesdale Railway.

Later, Boston and Awdry set out again this time finding Duke. The search did not go bad at all until Boston fell in by accident and founded Duke through a small hole in the shed's roof. Duke is carried away by lorry to Arlesburgh and travels to the Skarloey Railway on a special train hauled by Donald. The Reverends did like their adventure after all. Both Reverends were mentioned in Great Little Engines and later, More About Thomas the Tank Engine gave tribute to the late Reverend when Boston died in 1986 at the age of just sixty-two years old.