Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom is in charge of the British monarchy and serves the realms of the Commonwealth within the United Kingdom. She was born Elizabeth Alexandra Mary and her date of birth was the twenty-first of April 1926. She ascended the throne on the sixth of February 1952 aged twenty-six and held her Silver, Golden and Diamond Jubilees respectively in 1977, 2002 and 2012.

She is the second longest-serving monarch since Queen Victoria (1837-1901). She only appears in the last episode of Gordon the Big Engine and including its episode called "Paint, Pots and Queens" in the television series taking place during season four of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.

The Railway SeriesEdit

Following her reign in 1952, she then took over as Queen of the United Kingdom a year later. Elizabeth II was due to come to Sodor on a visit as an allusion in Gordon the Big Engine. That same year, her coronation was the first to be on television in 1953.

The celebrations on Sodor proved excellent with Toby, James, Percy and Henry bringing passengers on Henrietta, Annie and Clarabel and Express Coaches at first to Tidmouth station before Edward with shiny blue paint and two British flags on his front cleared the lines. Thomas took Express Coaches for the passengers and when the time was right, Gordon steamed in with the Royal Train into the station. Gordon was shiny like Edward and carried the royal arms as an honour for him to pull the train. Elizabeth II was met by Sir Topham Hatt who thanked him for a splendid run and he bowed to the Queen when she got off the train.

She said that her children, young Prince Charles and Princess Anne had a great deal about the Fat Controller's engines and she wants to see them. The Fat Controller introduced each engine to Her Majesty after both Toby and Percy got too excited and before she turned to go out of the station platform. Percy said "three cheers for the Queen!!!" before the engines whistled as the Queen was walking from the platform. With the Fat Controller holding his ears and the Queen laughed at him, she thanked Thomas for the coaches prepared and to both Edward and Gordon who took her away. The Queen travelled back onto the Royal Train and headed back to London where she was cheered by crowds on the other end of the big station .