Gordon the High Speed Engine
Gordon the High-Speed Engine
Author Christopher Awdry
Illustrator Clive Spong
Publication date 1987-Present
Publication Order
Preceded by
More About Thomas the Tank Engine
Followed by
Toby, Trucks and Trouble
Gordon the High Speed Engine is the thrity-first book in the Railway Series.


Dear Friends,

Over here on the Other Railway we are used to High-Speed Trains, and know how useful they can be. But when Gordon first heard of them he began boasting about how fast he could go. He should have known better, because he only landed himself in disgrace and made the Fat Controller cross. These stories tell how Gordon worked to redeem himself and make the Fat Controller think again.

The Author


High-Speed GordonEdit

Donald tells Gordon that High-Speed Trains have been introduced on the Other Railway despite hearing it from the diesels that they can go one hundred and twenty-five miles an hour. Gordon snorted with indignant that High-Speed Trains were just awful to hear and thinks he can go faster than what he called them, as "smelly boxes on wheels". The NWR Pacific 4-6-2 references Mallard going one hundred and twenty-six miles an hour back on July 3rd 1938, but when he's at the station to take his express, he slips on the rails and cannot start the train with him being outside the station platform. Another engine takes the express and Donald hauls Gordon back to the shed after he runs out of steam.


Gordon feels "stuffed up" and sprays soot on a group of people for their wedding at Wellsworth station. Sir Topham Hatt delays a visit to the mainland to say sorry for what happened, but Gordon races past again this time spraying ashes on his top-hat. An inspector comes to see Gordon when the NWR Pacific returns with a message that he will be disciplined when the Fat Controller returns home.

Fire EscapeEdit

One of Gordon's firebars collapsed while trying to make amends up his hill. His driver thinking quickly tells the fireman to put a large lump of coal over the hole. Gordon manages to struggle to a loop and BoCo comes to help. Sir Topham Hatt thanks BoCo and tries to tell Gordon when he has to get into his train leaving poor old Gordon in supense.

Gordon Proves His PointEdit

Gordon is at the NWR's Barrow-in-Furness terminal when a porter at that station asks him to take a group of enthusiasts to Carlisle. Sir Topham Hatt gives his consent for it and two powercars called Pip and Emma to take the express back to Tidmouth. James with a stopping train is asked to help Pip and Emma after Pip breaks down and Emma cannot carry on. At Tidmouth, James is thanked by the Fat Controller and makes Pip and Emma welcome to the railway.

When Gordon returns, the Fat Controller forgives him for the smokescreen and tells Gordon that a steward was throwing out ashes from the train causing the Fat Controller's top-hat and the wedding guests to be dirty in soot. With the steward fired although the Fat Controller presumed this after the incident and Gordon takes the passengers home.



  • After writing this book, Christopher Awdry retried from his job at the Inland Revenue and write full-time, starting off with Toby, Trucks and Trouble.
  • The cover illustration looks similar to The Three Railway Engines for one illustration in Edward, Gordon and Henry.
  • Gordon's trip to Carlisle was mentioned again in the annual, Percy's Passengers.


  • In the first illustration of "High-Speed Gordon", Donald has Douglas' tender. This was although made by Clive Spong who didn't know which Scottish twin is which.