Isabel and Dulcie are the two GWR coaches belonging to Oliver. Isabel was the carriage taken with Oliver and Toad to escape from Barrow by Douglas before Dulcie was brought by Sir Topham Hatt to have her run Duck's Branch Line with Oliver. They only appeared in The Railway Series where Isabel had a non-speaking role in Enterprising Engines, while Dulcie was mentioned, but both coaches spoke in Oliver the Western Engine which was published in 1969.


The two coaches are painted in the Great Western Railway's chocolate-brown and cream livery. When Isabel arrived on Sodor with Oliver in 1968, she was painted in British Railways' maroon livery.

The Railway SeriesEdit

Isabel came with Oliver and Toad to escape British Railways before being rescued by Douglas to escape to Sodor although Oliver's story came through trying to escape BR's powerful diesels and being scrapped to death. The Fat Controller is re-opening the Little Western and had both Duck and Oliver to run the branch line. Dulcie was then rescued by him after giving Oliver GWR colours like Duck and she joined Isabel to travel with Oliver on his suburban passenger run from Tidmouth to Arlesburgh.