The Other Railway Diesels appeared in two Railway Series books: Stepney the Bluebell Engine and Enterprising Engines.

The Railway SeriesEdit


Three Diesels were looking at Stepney in the fourth illustration of "Bluebells of England". This was at one of four terminuses used by Diesel locomotives in London. The three were painted by Peter and Gunvor Edwards, drawn by Wilbert Awdry and this shows that Diesels proved powerful than steam locomotives as said by British Prime Minister, Harold MacMillan which he resigned due to ill health following the infamous Great Train Robbery that year. Alec Douglas-Home became MacMillan's caretaker Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and taking supreme command of British Railways before Harold Wilson in 1964.


With steam abolished across British Railways for the British Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, another three Diesels were roaming past a Signal box to find an engine named Oliver who ran away from them. The signalman agreed to put Oliver in a siding with his crew overlooking at them and blocked the cutting with garbage to stop the Diesels seeing Oliver or else dead meat. Douglas had rescued Oliver and along with Isabel & Toad, he takes them to the North Western Railway where Sir Topham Hatt needs to see them and help out on Duck's Branch Line from Tidmouth to Arlesburgh which was the terminus to the Arlesdale Railway.