Peter Sam is a narrow-gauge tank engine who works on the Skarloey Railway and formerly, the Mid Sodor Railway. He was named after Mr. Peter Sam, the Skarloey Railway's Thin Controller and Kerr Stuart who built him in 1920.

Railway SeriesEdit

Stuart was first built by Kerr Stuart in 1920 at Stoke-on-Trent in England. He later arrived on the Mid Sodor Railway to work with Duke and Falcon which he was rather cheeky and occasionally made fun of Duke until telling him what happened to Stanley. After 1947, he and Falcon worked at the Sodor Aluminum Company in Peel Godred before they were loaned to the Skarloey Railway in 1951. Stuart was re-named Peter Sam and Falcon, Sir Handel named after the owner. Peter Sam had many adventures, especially with his funnel which his old one was smashed by an accident on the incline in 1959. Later in 1962, his old funnel was hit by an icicle inside a tunnel and was replaced by an old drain-pipe which the other engines laughed and laughed.

After Sir Handel made a poem, the Thin Controller gave Peter Sam his new funnel, a Giesl ejector which suits him much better than the old one. In 1996, he was sent to the Talyllyn Railway to work with Talyllyn and his mates until that railway controller had to sent him back and Sir Handel to knock his firebars in protest and being angry over this exchange. Mr. Roger Sam, the second Thin Controller believed there was a shortage of engines on his railway and had to send Peter Sam back. One incident on the Talyllyn Railway was notable for Peter Sam which was when the water turned dirty sprayed out of his funnel and was wet indeed.