The Royal Train was the train that hauled Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom when she visited the Fat Controller's engines on the Island of Sodor at Tidmouth station in 1953. Henry was supposed and originally meant to pull it after opposing Gordon's quote of him in disgrace, Edward's being too old for pulling the train and James saying Sir Topham Hatt will choose him. Unfortunately, Henry had an incident with a can of white paint which his black smoke caused a painter to fall off his ladder and the paint pot spilled all over Henry.

After arranging the situation, Sir Topham Hatt chose Gordon to pull the train. The train was then hauled back to London by Gordon.  In the book and on television, the drawings of two illustrations and camera angles were drawn inside the Royal Train or outside at Tidmouth station. It was made of blood and custard express coaches, coloured both red and white. It only appears in the episode "Paint, Pots and Queens" and in Gordon the Big Engine.