These are the rules of the wiki:

General Rules

  • No cussing, swearing, obscene language, or profanity of any sort.
  • No spamming. Most admins consider stuff they don't like spam, but here's the true meaning of spam:
  • "I eat peanuts in a brain." "djkgljkdhgjsdkl"
  • No dissing anyone. (Including yourself.)
  • No saying "Thomas is for babies" because it is not, it is for all ages.
  • Only edit your own user page, not anyone else's. (Unless you get permission from the other user first.
  • "Do not mini-mod. If you see a user breaking a rule, do not tell him/her, tell an admin and they will take care of it.
  • Multiple accounts are not allowed. If you make a second account after being banned, you will be found out and the duplicate account will be banned forever.
  • No vandalism.
  • This could be considered a "catch all" rule, but for the sake of it will be included separately: Be kind and respect all other users. Especially admins who have the authority to block anyone who gets out of line.
  • Do not add any characters/episodes from the TV Series, this is just a Railway Series wiki, but you can still add merchandise and Railway Series-related books.
  • Admins can not give strikes to or block the founder, even if there's something that is disliked about them.

Image​ Rules

  • Do not change a character's picture on the table without asking the founder or an admin.
  • Non Thomas/Train images are alowed, just do not upload too many of them.
  • No uploading any inappropriate images.
  • No watermarks, which is writing over a image.
  • Do not add a "width" to any gallery.
  • Do not take other users' images without asking their permission first.
  • Do not upload really small images.
  • Make sure that the image you want to upload is not already. In other words don't upload duplicates without asking the founder or an admin.
  • Do not upload any images from the TV series, unless it is your user avatar. (OTHER WISE ALL WILL BE DELETED) But should no RWS picture be available, this rule can be broken.

B​log Rules

  • All blog posts must pertain to Thomas.
  • Nothing overly personal or pointless should even be considered worthy of a blog post. (Pointless subjects include but are not limited to: Games, number of edits one has, spam from other websites, certain types of polls, announcing an acquisition to your collection, etc.)
  • Blog comments must keep on topic as the blog post dictates.
  • Comments left on blogs must be longer than one word and must say more than just "I like this", "This is cool", etc.
  • The Wikia was not created to be a blogging site, so keep blogging to a minimum.
  • No blogging about the TV Series.

Talk Page Rules

  • No content except vandalism, broken links, and profanity may be removed from any user talk page. Off topic posts may be removed from article talk pages.
  • While not mandatory, we are asking users to not change their signatures to only words. Signatures are required on talk pages to identify messages. And, if a user's signature doesn't link to their user page or user talk page, it makes it difficult to tell who left which post.
  • Article talk pages, like the template header at the top states, are there for discussing changes to the article, for a discussion about the topic in question.
  • Do not rewrite messages, unless it is your section. The ONLY exception is when there's a grammar error.

Chat Rules

  • Keep it clean! Anyone who posts something bashing others will be banned from chat.
  • If anyone says anything inappropriate in the chat, please report them to an admin on the Wikia. You must provide proof to back up your claim (screen capture, etc.) as we do not want to block users unnecessarily.
  • Please keep the chat for important and public matters. If you have something private to talk about with another user, schedule a time with the person and use the PM (Private Message) system.
  • The chat is not for games of any sort. This includes playing them or using the chat as a place to discuss what you and your friends are doing in a video game. It is, however, OK to bring up this subject in a private chat.
  • Do not post random rubbish. As stated above, only use the chat for things that are important.
  • All posts must have to do with the current conversation, or it must start a legitimate topic.
  • Before posting a message, think if it is appropriate for a 8 year old child. If it is not, do not post it. (This Wikia is based on a children's show after all! You never know when a child might pop onto the chat.)
  • Please be aware that not only admins, but ChatMods have authority in the chat box. If a ChatMod asks you to leave a certain subject, please do as told. ChatMods can also kickban misbehaving users out of the chatbox.