Sodor: Reading Between the Lines
Author Christopher Awdry
Publication date May 2005
Published by Sodor Enterprises
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Sodor: Reading Between the Lines is a Railway Series/Sodor information book. It was written by Christopher Awdry and published in 2005.


  • Introduction - This briefly talks about how the books made by Christopher Awdry and Wilbert Awdry came to be.
  • The Island and its Railways - This section talks about how Sodor came to be and the history of each of its railways.
  • Characters in the stories.
  • Your frequently-asked questions.
  • The stories, their origin and location - this section talks about each of The Railway Series books one to forty.
  • Thomas: A crown worth fighting for.


  • For an unknown reason in the stories, their origin and location, The Twin Engines is left out by mistake. Christopher Awdry must've skipped it to Branch Line Engines after doing The Little Old Engine's stories, origins and locations in that book.