The Talyllyn Railway is a preserved narrow gauge railway in Wales and was based by both Wilbert Awdry and Christopher Awdry on the Skarloey Railway that had to be in the Awdry family's books from number eleven in 1955 to the fortieth book in 1996 which was the Skarloey Railway's final appearance.

In FictionEdit

The Talyllyn Railway has appeared being the Skarloey Railway in both the List of Railway Series Books and the television series for children. The author, Wilbert Awdry was visiting once on holiday at the Talyllyn Railway in the early days of the railway's preservation and became involved as a volunteer soon afterwards. Several stories in the books came from his real life experiences on the Talyllyn Railway and have illustrations of real life locomotives such as Great Little Engines, The Little Old Engine and Very Old Engines for example of the Talyllyn Railway being seen in these books.

In the television series, the first viewing of the Skarloey Railway based on the Talyllyn came in season four and was recently shown during seasons five, six, seven, nine, ten, eleven, twelve and sixteen. The Great Discovery was the first Thomas feature-length film made in 2008 to have the Skarloey Railway in it.