The Island of Sodor: Its People, History and Railways
Author Wilbert Awdry
George Awdry
Illustrator Clive Spong
Publication date 1987 (original)
1992 (restored)
Published by Kaye and Ward Heinemann
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The Island of Sodor: Its People, History and Railways was written by Wilbert Awdry and George Awdry, his brother and was illustrated by Clive Spong. It was first published as a hard-cover book in 1987 and was re-printed in 1992 as a spiral-bound book with a map of Sodor.

Revealed InformationEdit

  • The Three Sir Topham Hatts: Sir Topham Hatt I, Sir Charles Topham Hatt and Sir Stephen Topham Hatt.
  • Shane Dooiney's name is revealed in this book for the first time
  • The first and only mention of the "Coffee Pots".  Apparently, they were withdrawn when their line became Thomas' Branch Line and scrapped. 
  • The Sodor and Mainland Railway Numbers 1 and 3 are mentioned for the first and only time.
  • The names of some of Sodor's kings are only mentioned in this book.
  • History, Geography and Industry for Sodor discussed in far greater depth from the books themselves.
  • Background information on people, places, railways and engines in the Railway Series come from this book.