The Works Diesel
  • Class: BR Class 47
  • Designer: Brush Traction and British Railways' Crewe Works
  • Builder: Brush Traction and British Railways' Crewe Works
  • Configuration: Co-Co

The Works Diesel, aka Wendell is fan given term for a Diesel engine who once came from Crovan's Gate to rescue James. Whether or not he is based at Crovan's Gate is unclear.


James and the Diesel EnginesEdit

The Works Diesel rescued James after his injector failed, and managed to eradicate James' dislike of diesels with his charismatic persona.

Thomas and the Missing Christmas TreeEdit

The Works Diesel brought the Christmas tree for Thomas from the Other Railway.

Henry and the ExpressEdit

The Works Diesel was seen talking to Gordon at Barrow-in-Furness.


Although the Works Diesel has not spoken as of yet, he is described as being friendly and is impossible to not like - even James, who retained a hearty dislike of diesels, couldn't help but befriend him before the two had even reached the Works.


The Works Diesel is based on a BR Class 47 "Brush" Co-Co.


The Works Diesel is painted in a British Rail "Rail Blue" livery with yellow warning panels.


Railway SeriesEdit