Thomas Comes Home
Thomas Comes Home
Author Christopher Awdry
Illustrator Clive Spong
Publication date 1992-Present
Publication Order
Preceded by
Thomas and the Great Railway Show
Followed by
Henry and the Express
Thomas Comes Home is the thrity-sixth book of the Railway Series.


Dear Friends,

Daisy was most upset when she heard that people were saying that there were no female engines on the Fat Controller's Railway.

"You must do something about it" she told me indignantly. "There's me and Mavis, and I was in charge while Thomas was away at that Great Railway Show, wasn't I?".

Well she wasn't really, but would you dare tell her? These stories are about what happened before Thomas came home.

The Author


Snow ProblemEdit

While Thomas was in York, a snowfall on British Railways had delayed the diesel supposed to take the express at Barrow, making Gordon late. The Fat Controller tells him to wait at Knapford once the diesel arrives on the other side. While Daisy waits, snow comes to Sodor and she did like the snow, but sets off on her journey. Some snowdrifts were too much for Daisy and she needs to head back. Unfortunately, snow gets into her air-intake and breaks down but Harold gets her passengers to safety. The snow melts a week later, but Daisy had a different opinion about snow like Thomas who was once stuck in a snowdrift before.


As the snow melts, the water at a stream rises to dangerous levels. Percy is very worried and to his relief, Toby tells him that the water level has dropped. Later at Elsbridge, Henry jokes that Thomas could be kept at the NRM forcing Annie and Clarabel to be upset they would lose him but Percy is now late after soothing them. He later takes on water there. He later crosses the bridge only to hear an ominous creaking before the bridge collapses and goes downstream. Percy is always careful crossing it and Sir Topham Hatt closes the line while the bridge is mended.

Toby's MegatrainEdit

Percy takes Annie and Clarabel, but Toby is left to do the shunting at Knapford Harbour. Trucks were everywhere and admitting Toby to lose much water along the way. One day, Mavis isn't feeling well and Toby is forced to carry at least forty trucks of strawberries. Toby later runs out of water after arriving at Elsbridge and finds out that the water tower is empty. Toby's crew takes him to Ffarquhar to get more water before taking the trucks at Elsbridge back to the top station just in time.

Thomas Comes HomeEdit

George is repairing a road near the railway for a new level crossing. He tells Daisy to flatten her rails and could this go longer, it will turn into some sort of discrimination between Daisy (woman) and George (man). Toby and Percy believe whether to call his bluff on this, but The Fat Controller said that the NRM's manager is sending Thomas back home in a week. The great day comes as Daisy brings a load of enthusiasts on her special train, but at the crossing, she is stuck by a traffic cone left behind by George. A fitter swiftly works out the problem and Daisy arrives in time to see Thomas coming home with Sir Topham Hatt announcing his welcome home present.



  • "Toby's Megatrain" is based on the Annuals. The story is called "The Strawberry Special".
  • Also in the story, Toby has two faces: one at the front, one at the rear. This is the only time in the Railway Series that Toby is shown with two faces.
  • Despite the book title is misleading, Thomas appears in the final illustration of the book.