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Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree
Author Christopher Awdry
Illustrator Clive Spong
Publication date December 28, 1986
Published by Heinemann Young Books
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Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree was written by Christopher Awdry and illustrated by Clive Spong.


Thomas is sent to fetch the Christmas Tree from The Works Diesel, much to the annoyance of the mainline engines (Henry, James and Gordon) since Thomas and the Great Railway Show. After Thomas leaves to collect the tree, the engines across the NWR were excited about the celebrations. Thomas was about to come home until a snowdrift blocks him and when he tries puffing more, an avalanche of snow swamps him and both his driver and fireman duck for cover inside his cab. Later, the engines realised Thomas isn't back from collecting the tree and The Fat Controller says that an avalanche of snow plus a snowdrift has blocked Thomas' path.

Rather than sending permission for British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to use rescue volunteers to find Thomas, The Fat Controller sends Donald and Douglas into the situation. With snowploughs on their fronts and a van inbetween, they set off to find the blue tank engine. The snow was deep at Wellsworth and in the cutting near Gordon's Hill, they found Thomas buried under a heap of snow (his driver and fireman were alright from being buried). James and Edward from the opposite direction came to help too. The christmas celebrations were starting at night after the rescue, Santa Claus comes onboard Harold to the party and gives both Thomas and Percy some balloons. 


Railway Series[]

The characters in the book were Thomas, Henry, Gordon, James, Sir Topham Hatt, Donald and Douglas, Percy, Edward, Toby, Duck, The Works Diesel, Harold, Annie and Clarabel, Bill and Ben, BoCo, Daisy, Bertie, Trevor and Henrietta. Mavis, Oliver and Bear appeared in it, but only Mavis and Bear were absent.

Television Series[]

Being on the television, Donald and Douglas were painted black to represent this. All the characters above appeared in the epsiode although some new characters appeared in this including Terence, Diesel and Trevor's driver Jem Cole. These ones may have replaced Bear, Mavis and Oliver for the time being in the book already.